It takes 15 years before a cutting edge treatment can be prescribed to you by your doctor.

The journey of the world's best treatments from the lab to your doctor's office is longer than your cancer can wait.


Mendel is about making tomorrow's treatments available to you today, in 3 steps.


You share a list of your doctors, and we collect your records


We match your records with the world's largest knowledge-base of cancer trials



You contact and enroll in clinical trials with the click of a button

New Treatments? New Matches!

Our proprietary trial matching system continuously updates your matches any time a new treatment is open for clinical trials.


Your records, digitized.

We convert all of your health records into an accessible digital timeline, even the paper ones, allowing you to be in the driver's seat.

Iron-Clad Security with HIPAA


Our professional concierge team will handle your health record collection from A-to-Z


Our matching system anonymizes your records to protect your privacy

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We eat, sleep, and breathe HIPAA so that your records are kept safe.


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